Amira Software for Cell Biology from Thermo Fisher Scientific

Universal 3D/4D+ Software Platform for Discovery Workflows

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Amira for Cell BiologyThermo Fisher Scientific Amira for Cell Biology

From imaging to understanding living cells, Thermo Scientific Amira Software for Cell Biology supports entire R&D workflows. Process and visualize data from any imaging modalities, at any scale, of any size. Perform routine and advanced analyses of cellular processes from a single platform. Customize your Amira Software workflow for even greater insight into your data.

Understanding living cells and their processes requires analysis of data from various imaging systems and modalities that all use different file formats. Each experimental setup can represent a unique challenge to process the data. Multi-scale dynamic processes require tracking of various sized objects, from diffraction-limited particles to entire cells. There can be a few dozen to tens of thousands objects in each data set. In addition, intracellular processes are supported by sub-cellular structures that also need to be identified and quantified.

Thermo Scientific Amira Software provides a comprehensive array of tools for the flexible and accurate analysis of time series data of cellular processes. It enables researchers to perform dedicated segmentation workflows on their intra- and intercellular images and apply powerful automated object tracking solution.

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