Deben Introduces Retractable Bright & Dark Field SEM STEM Detector

  • Retractable Bright & Dark Field SEM STEM DetectorRetractable Bright & Dark Field SEM STEM Detector
  • Retractable Bright & Dark Field SEM STEM Detector

Deben’s STEM detector is configured with a four element dark field diode wired to give two independent channels and a single bright field channel. A motorised retractable arm allows mounting on any SEM with a free chamber port. The detector achieves resolution close to the SEM, strong contrast images, and imaging at low kV.

The system can be supplied with additional interchangeable detectors for BSE and Annular STEM. Twelve 3 mm grids can be fitted to the standard STEM holder allowing multiple specimen analysis.

The Microtest range of tensile, compression and bending stages is available for SEM, optical microscopy, AFM and XRD applications. The Deben 200N stage uses load cells within the range 2N to 200N. Samples are mounted clamped to a pair of jaws. A dual threaded leadscrew drives both jaws symmetrically in opposite directions, keeping the sample centred in the field of view. Custom versions are available with Peltier heating and cooling, petri-dish mounting, extended specimen length and stage travel.

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