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  • HF5000 200kV TEM HF5000 200kV TEM
  • HF5000 200kV TEM

EMC2016 is the perfect place to see what’s new and exciting from Hitachi and to discuss your microscopy needs. We’ll be showcasing a wide range of instrumentation including the new HF5000 200kV TEM (pictured). This new approach to AC-TEM/STEM uses Hitachi’s own automated C­s corrector coupled with our latest generation cold field emitter. It’s also an ideal platform for advanced in-situ studies thanks to high brightness, advanced gas handling and atomically resolved SE imaging.

Our innovative HT7700 120kV TEM/STEM will be on show offering high-contrast high-throughput imaging. See our CLEM solutions on the SU5000 Schottky SEM (in partnership with Delmic), cryoSEM on our SU3500 VPSEM (in partnership with Quorum Technologies) and UHR-SEM capabilities with the SU8200. Our popular TM3030 benchtop SEM will be joined by our new and unique FlexSEM1000, offering full SEM capabilities with the ease of a benchtop SEM. You can also find out about our novel AFM solutions and sample preparation capabilities.

Visit us at emc2016 at booth #70
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