FEI Launches MAPS Software for Cellular Biology Research

  • MAPS Insert Showing Ultrastructure Revealed by SEM ImagingMAPS Insert Showing Ultrastructure Revealed by SEM Imaging

FEI has launched the MAPS (Modular Automated Processing System) software which combines the advantages of both light and electron microscopy for cellular biology research.

The workflow solution provides a fast and efficient correlative workflow that enables researchers to see both large scale context and small scale detail in one overview. The first application of the MAPS software is for cell biologists, where the system's capabilities improve the typical workflow in a cell biology microscopy laboratory.

MAPS provides an easy-to-use workflow to import and correlate an image from any  type or brand light microscope with the ultrastructure obtained from an FEI scanning electron microscope (SEM) or DualBeam (focused ion beam/SEM) system. Researchers can then quickly navigate to a region of interest identified in the light image, bringing to bear the full resolving power of the electron microscope to reveal ultrastructural detail. MAPS also enables the assembly of high-resolution, large-field images by automatically acquiring a grid of smaller electron microscope image tiles and stitching them together in a composite image that can reveal large scale relationships and organization, while still preserving full resolution detail throughout. 

The MAPS software is available now for current FEI SEM and DualBeam systems. For more information, visit www.fei.com/maps



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