Leica EM TXP – Target Surfacing System

The Automated Leica EM TXP Saws, Mills, Grinds, and Polishes

  • The Leica EM TXP is a unique target surfacing system developed for cutting and polishing samplesThe Leica EM TXP is a unique target surfacing system developed for cutting and polishing samples

The Leica EM TXP is a target preparation device for milling, sawing, grinding, and polishing samples prior to examination by SEM, TEM, and LM techniques. An integrated stereomicroscope allows pinpointing and easy preparation of barely visible targets.

When material specimen surfaces are prepared for SEM or incident light microscopy in industrial quality control, the specimen usually undergoes multiple processes until the layer or surface to be analyzed is machined with precision. Whereas previously, specimens had to be prepared using various instruments, all required machining steps can now be completed – from diamond cutting and milling to polishing – on one instrument, the Leica EM TXP. This reduces not only the amount of time required, but also the risk of losing specimen detail.

The Leica EM TXP’s automation gives the user additional support for quick and reliable preparation. All parameters can be preset for each operating step; the instrument then works fully automatically. Another important feature that makes work easier is the integrated stereomicroscope that enables the user to observe the specimen during the entire machining process. There is no longer a need for the laborious process of localizing and examining intermediate results using a separate microscope.

  • Complete mechanical preparation system prior to Ion Milling
  • Accurate location and preparation of microtargets
  • Multifunctional machine processing – cutting, sawing, grinding, polishing
  • Continuous observation with a stereo microscope
  • Reduced process time

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