Leica EM VCM and Leica EM VCT500 - The Future is Connectivity

Your safe sample transfer under defined cryo conditions

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  • Leica EM VCT500 - Stay connected
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  • Leica EM VCM - Be connected.  Leica EM VCT500 - Stay connected
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The Leica EM VCM enables users to easily put their cryogenic samples on holders under liquid nitrogen. Features such as an adjustable LED illumination, an adequate magnifier, or a tool dryer contribute to conveniently handle the sample. Users do not have to refill nitrogen, since the Leica EM VCM has automatic refill functionality.

Due to active cooling with the Leica EM VCT500 shuttle, samples can be transferred simply and safely through the complete workflow from preparation to analysis. The sample can be maintained under vacuum throughout the entire process. Vacuum and temperature are displayed, so users can monitor their samples closely.

Leica EM VCM - a LN2 cooled working platform for contamination-free sample Vacuum Cryo Manipulation.

Innovative Vacuum Cryo Transfer Leica EM VCT500 - a versatile system for contamination-free transfer of samples between different preparation and analysis instruments via shuttle and load lock.

Flexibility to Connect…
… to your analysis system: each Leica EM VCT500 is a customized instrument specially adapted to your requirements and your equipment. Choose your holder: standard and customized sample holders for nearly any application are available.

Sample safety
Optimized sample transfer: all transfers from sample loading operated under vacuum and active sample cooling concept during transfer.

Time saving
Reproducibility by workflow sample monitoring : monitor your sample with respect to temperature and vacuum at any time during the workflow when docked.

High efficiency
Workflow connectivity:  movable sample loading device, adaptor for Cryo-CLEM and Cryo-TEM.

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