Micro to Nano Introduces SEM Magnification Calibration Standards

  • Novel EM-Tec SEM magnification calibration standardsNovel EM-Tec SEM magnification calibration standards

Micro to Nano reveals its complete range of innovative SEM calibration standards:
1 - Advanced EM-Tec MCS-1 and MCS-0.1 with calibration features from 2.5mm to 1µm or 2.5mm to 100nm to cover the complete magnification range.
2 - Unique EM-Tec LAMC-15 low magnification and/or large area calibration standard with a 15x15mm pattern size.
3 – Precise EM-Tec M-10 and M-1 with 10µm and 1µm grid patterns for calibration and direct size calculations.
4 – Versatile Micro-Tec MTC-5 multiple target calibration standard with round, square, hexagon and line patterns for calibration and multi directional distortion determination.
5- Practical, easy to use EM-Tec CXS calibration and reference standards for EDS, WDS and BSE imaging.

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