M&M 2012: Live Demo of Tescans Plasma FIB-FESEM Workstation

Tescan will introduce the its fully integrated Plasma source FIB-FESEM workstation at the 2012 Microscopy and Microanalysis Trade Show in Phoenix, Arizona.

The FERA3 XMH Plasma FIB-FESEM workstation will be available for live demonstrations on the trade show floor. In addition to the electron and ion column, the FERA 3 will be configured with EDS, EBSD, a gas injection system and a wide variety of detectors. True to form of all Tescan products, the FERA3 provides flexibility and can be customized according to an end users specific requirements.

The use of a Xenon plasma source for the focused ion beam allows the FERA3 to achieve a maximum Xe ion current up to 2 µA, allowing for ultra-fast removal rates of material. Compared to FIB technologies with gallium sources, the material removal rate achievable for silicon with the Plasma source FIB is over 50x faster. For this reason the FERA3 is well suited for applications requiring the removal of large volumes of material.


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