NanoMEGAS: TEM Applications Enabled with Precession Electron Diffraction

  • ASTAR: TEM orientation/phase mapping ASTAR: TEM orientation/phase mapping
  • ASTAR: TEM orientation/phase mapping

NanoMEGAS has provided since 2004 next generation advanced microscopy applications (Patent protected): TEM orientation/phase mapping (ASTAR) & Strain mapping at nm scale; a novel TOPSPIN platform has been developed as analytical experimental framework that offer suite of Precession electron diffraction (PED) enabled solutions including ASTAR, Autostrain and automatic PED alignments.

Additional advanced solutions from NanoMEGAS include automatic 3D diffraction tomography (ADT 3D) for ab-initio solution of nanostructures and e-PDF (electron Pair Distribution Function) technique suitable for analysis of compounds with short-range order (nanocrystalline and amorphous).

NanoMEGAS is a leading Industrial Partner of the largest European Network for TEM electron microscopy (ESTEEM-2, sharing advanced TEM facilities and shaping the future for world class next generation TEM applications.

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