Tescan: Performance in Nanospace

  • Tescan: Performance in Nanospace Tescan: Performance in Nanospace
  • Tescan: Performance in Nanospace

Tescan is a multi-national company and a leading global developer and supplier of scanning electron microscopes (SEMs), focused ion beam scanning electron microscope (FIB-SEM) systems, unique solutions for SEM and FIB-SEM applications, and more recently, advanced light microscopy for QPI imaging.

Tescan’s products consist of a series of tailored systems specially designed for fulfilling the needs arising from all fields of science and technology such as materials science, life sciences, forensic sciences, and the semiconductor industry.

Tescan keeps continuously improving its systems in order satisfy the increasing demands of today’s needs in frontier science and technology research. This year, Tescan has released Triglav; the next generation of its ultra-high resolution electron column which is now, an integral part of the Tescan UHR family systems.

More than 2000 SEMs installed in almost 80 countries bear testament to Tescan’s first-class quality, proven technology and excellence.

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