XFlash 6: Pushing the Limits of Energy Resolution

  • The XFlash 6 family of silicon drift detectorsThe XFlash 6 family of silicon drift detectors

With XFlash 6, Bruker Nano Analytics has introduced the next generation of silicon drift detectors (SDD) for energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry (EDS) on electron microscopes.

The detector is provided in different designs and with various active areas starting from 10 mm2 up to         100 mm2, to ensure optimal conditions for any application at any type of electron microscope.  Due to the Slim-line design, all detectors of the XFlash 6 family provide the largest possible solid angle per active area for maximum collection efficiency, which is especially important at low electron beam currents. Combined with the hybrid pulse processing technology,  XFlash 6 detectors can accept input count rates in excess of 1,500 kcps with throughput as high as 600 kcps, and maintain their best energy resolution over the widest range of count rates

Model Overview
Every analytical task has different requirements. XFlash 6 is available in six different detector models to find the optimal solution for any individual application, no matter whether using SEM,   FIB-SEM, µ-probe or TEM.
The 10 mm² XFlash 6|10 and the 30 mm² XFlash 6|30 cover the majority of applications, including high beam current analysis, low voltage nano-analysis and low vacuum operation.
The 60 mm² XFlash 6|60 and the 100 mm² XFlash 6|100 are particularly useful in low X-ray yield situations, e.g. for low beam current / low kV operation as required for the investigation of nanostructures, or for the analysis of beam-sensitive biological samples.


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