Andor Introduces Zyla sCMOS Camera

  • Zyla sCMOS camera from AndorZyla sCMOS camera from Andor

Andor's Zyla sCMOS camera offers high speed, high sensitivity imaging performance in a remarkably light and compact, TE cooled design. Zyla is ideally suited to many cutting-edge applications that push the boundaries of speed, offering sustained frame rate performance of up to 100 fps, faster with ROIs.

A highly cost-effective 30 fps version is also available offering 1.2 e- rms read noise, representing an ideal low light 'workhorse' camera solution for both microscopy and physical science applications, in either research or OEM environments.

Rolling and Global (Snapshot) Shutter readout ensure maximum application flexibility. Global shutter in particular provides an important 'freeze frame' exposure mechanism that emulates that of an interline CCD, overcoming the transient readout nature of rolling shutter mode.

Key Features
o Rolling and Global (Snapshot) shutter - Maximum exposure and readout flexibility across all applications. Snapshot for 'interline CCD mode' freeze frame capture of fast moving/changing events.
o 1.2 e- read noise - Offers lower detection limit than any CCD.
o 100 fps sustained  - '10-tap' Camera Link and high speed data processing harnesses fastest possible frame rate from sensor. Highly cost effective'3-tap' 30 fps option available.


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