Andor´s Zyla 4.2 – Offering the Highest QE Available from sCMOS Technology

  • Andor´s Zyla 4.2 Andor´s Zyla 4.2

Zyla sCMOS has proven a superb camera choice for the biologist and microscopist.

Many simply see the Zyla as an amazing value, superb price/performance 'workhorse' camera with which to replace their existing interline CCD and upgrade the performance of their fluorescence microscope. Others are driven by distinct application performance criteria that only sCMOS can answer.

The newest addition to the Andor sCMOS camera portfolio, the Zyla 4.2 utilizes a high Quantum Efficiency (QE), low noise sensor variant, yielding frame rates up to 100 fps (faster from region of interest). The Zyla 4.2 is ideal for applications that benefit from optimal sensitivity and speed, such as calcium imaging, light sheet microscopy and super-resolution microscopy.

Zyla 4.2 delivers > 72% QE and down to 0.9 e- read noise, making it the most sensitive sCMOS camera available. The darkcurrent at 0°C is extremely competitive, at only 0.14 e-/pixel/sec benefiting from Andor's Dark Noise Suppression (DNS) Technology. Under moderate to fast frame rate operation, the Zyla 4.2 excels.

The '4T' (4-transistor) design of the sensor pixel permits more photons to enter, driving Quantum Efficiency up to 72 % (@ 580nm). The 4T design also means that it is fundamentally a Rolling Shutter sensor. However, a feature called 'Global Clear' has been implemented, which allows for a simulated Global Exposure mode, which requires TTL communication between the camera and a pulsed light source, emulating the Global shutter exposure condition.

Key Features
- Highest QE sCMOS sensor; > 72 %
-  Extremely fast readout speeds; 100 fps for 4.2 MP
- Lowest noise sCMOS ; 0.9 electrons median at 100 fps
- Ultra-low vibration fan, ideal for vibration-sensitive experiments


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