Discover Imaging Intelligence: Olympus DP74 Microscopy Camera

  • DP74 Microscopy camera from OlympusDP74 Microscopy camera from Olympus
  • DP74 Microscopy camera from Olympus
  • Easily know the location of interest with the Position Navigator
  • Vivid Fluorescence Images with Reduced Noise

Enabling comfortable operation and saving time at the microscope, Olympus’ DP74 camera brings imaging intelligence with features such as Position Navigation, designed to facilitate everyday operations and enhance return on investment. The DP74 pushes the boundaries of brightfield and fluorescence microscopy by providing 60 fps, high-quality imaging for both routine and research applications.

The DP74’s intelligent imaging features enable fast, comfortable and high-quality imaging at the same time. The new Position Navigator remembers sample structures, allowing the user to automatically create a sample map without the need for expensive encoded or motorised stages. When working on low-emitting fluorescent samples, the DP74 recognises the challenging imaging situation and automatically adjusts the live image, resulting in a fast live image while moving the stage and a clean snapshot when the image is stationary. The camera also features an anti-whiteout function, which saves time every time the objective is changed by making the live image available immediately.

Improving comfort by providing a more fluid live image, the DP74 camera features a 60 fps live image and a 20.7 megapixel resolution to provide an on-screen image that is as close as possible to the normal experience at the oculars. This not only produces a lifelike image on the monitor, but also facilitates discussion and collaboration. Further improving return on investment, the DP74 is specially designed to image at a high sensitivity in both brightfield and fluorescence applications, making the camera ideally suited for applications where both imaging modes are used on the same microscope or for laboratories where a single microscope is shared among many groups.

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