EMSIS: Breakthrough in Usability of TEM Imaging

  • G3 series: Breakthrough in Usability of TEM ImagingG3 series: Breakthrough in Usability of TEM Imaging
  • G3 series: Breakthrough in Usability of TEM Imaging

Combining high frame rate cameras with smart live image processing software results in a new dimension of usability in TEM imaging.

The all new G3 series of EMSIS TEM cameras offers frame rates of up to 160 fps. Smart averaging, the top new function included in EMSIS’ RADIUS TEM imaging software optimizes the use of this high end feature of the hardware. Analyzing the image content in real time, RADIUS dynamically optimizes the averaging for noise reduction and responsiveness. Under all given imaging situations, this ensures the best compromise between signal to noise ratio and fast response to changes.

RADIUS allows to combine this additionally with live image processing features like multiple ROI Fourier transformation, imaging enhancement and line profiling. Finally the snapshot will be taken with a predefined resolution of up to 16 megapixels. Image stitching with sample stage and beam shift control is included and increases the achievable resolution virtually unlimited.

The EMSIS camera line up offers a gapless range of both side mount and on axis TEM cameras for all TEM models. From budget cameras for the daily routine application to high end research models, in combination with RADIUS, TEM imaging with EMSIS cameras becomes a convenient and easy task in the electron microscopy laboratory.

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