MACSima Imaging Platform Revolutionizes High-Content Imaging

  • New MACSima from Miltenyi Biotec New MACSima from Miltenyi Biotec

The MACSima Imaging Platform is the latest addition to Miltenyi Biotec’s imaging portfolio. The benchtop instrument performs a fully automated iterative fluorescent staining, imaging, and signal erasing process, using multiple fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies per cycle. A harmonized portfolio including Miltenyi Biotec’s range of validated antibodies, e.g., REAfinity Recombinant Antibodies, specifically designed disposables, and the MACSima Software ensure a failure-free automated process. Resulting image stacks can then be analyzed on the fly, even when the iterative process is still running. Basic and biomedical research, specifically drug-target and biomarker discovery as well as deep phenotyping, will be the major fields of application. Based on a revolutionary technology, this platform enables the simultaneous analysis of an unprecedented number of markers in a single sample, even on a desired sample area. Various fixed sample types can be used as starting material.

Statement from Dr. Andreas Bosio, Head of Miltenyi Biotec´s Imaging Development Program
"Using the MACSima Imaging Platform, it is now possible to stain and analyze hundreds of markers on a single sample, whereas so far, researchers were limited to only a few markers. Imagine a situation where you have only three pieces of a large puzzle. The new MACSima Platform enables you to get all the missing pieces so you can understand the whole picture."

Miltenyi Biotec recently acquired the microscopy specialist LaVision BioTec GmbH, and imaging solution manufacturer Sensovation AG, expanding its range of products for cell analysis and imaging.

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