New TemCam-XF416 CMOS Camera from TVIPS

  • TemCam-XF416 from TVIPSTemCam-XF416 from TVIPS

The TemCam-XF416 is the latest development of TVIPS featuring an entirely new 4k×4k sensor design, which simultaneously satisfies different criteria.

Large pixel size (16 µm x 16 µm), single electron sensitivity (high signal to noise ratio), fast acquisition rate, extended dynamic range, high spatial resolution and applicable for wide acceleration energy range (8 kV-400 kV).

The new pixel design offers a physical dual readout mode, which combines single electron sensitivity and ultra-high dynamic, revealing new insights in nano-scaled materials by electron diffraction tomography (MicroED). Its large field of view (64×64 mm2) allows simultaneous collection of diffraction patterns at long camera length (to avoid spot overlaps) and detection of spots beyond 1 Å essential for accurate unit cell reconstruction.

In addition, its large pixel size provides a high full well capacity resulting in an extremely high dynamic range which is indispensable for diffraction on crystals and spectroscopy (EELS) studies.

Due to its 4 transistor pixel design it is possible to realize the so-called real on-chip Correlated Double Sampling which allows single electron sensitivity at high frame rate (up to 50 fps full frame, 200 fps for 4k×1k) at different high tensions (10 kV-400 kV). This allows dose-fractioning to account for the drift and on the other hand it offers even the single electron counting to reduce the Landau noise.

Key Features:

  • CMOS Camera for TEM
  • Low Dose and Diffraction Tomography
  • Diffraction Precession and Spectroscopy
  • In-situ

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