Olympus Introduces DP26, a Five Megapixel Color Digital Camera

  • Olympus 5 Megapixel Color Digital Camera DP26Olympus 5 Megapixel Color Digital Camera DP26

Olympus has added DP26, a five megapixel color digital camera to its portfolio. The camera is optimized for viewing, documentation, reporting and analysis using a microscope.

Ease of Use
The users can comfortably browse and focus on their sample and discuss data with colleagues or students, without needing to use the eyepiece. Workflow efficiency is improved, and prolonged use is far less physically tiring than when using the oculars. The DP26 generates a live image feed that is fast, fluid and free from distracting artefacts such as image striping or color ghosts. This is achieved via the utilization of an advanced progressive scan mode, which is available at all supported resolutions and utilizes a rapid FireWire connection to the computer and monitor.

Technical Details
O A frame rate of 16 frames per second or greater is possible
O By displaying 5 megapixels, the system can provide a refresh rate of 7 frames per second
O A high level of sensitivity (ISO 400) ensures that the analysis of darkly stained samples or the use of dark-field illumination yields reliable, accurate images
O colors produced are true to those seen through the eyepieces
O two version are available, optimized either for desktop or laptop use

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