Olympus SC100 Digital Colour Camera

  • Easy-to-use SC100 digital colour camera from OlympusEasy-to-use SC100 digital colour camera from Olympus

Olympus has introduced the new, easy-to-use SC100 digital colour camera for high quality brightfield imaging, especially where optimal colour reproduction and superior resolution are required.

The 10.5 megapixels sensor of the SC100 allows samples to be investigated in minute detail, particularly when using a low magnification objective. This frees users from needing to take multiple, high magnification images of a sample to preserve resolution.

Similarly, images can be easily investigated at high digital magnification at a later date, even if this was not initially intended when using a low magnification objective. Thus the SC100 is perfect for intensive documentation and makes it easy to analyse your samples in detail, at a time convenient to you and without losing sight of the bigger picture.

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