Olympus Stream Software Optimizes Industrial Analysis

  • Perfectly focused image of diamondPerfectly focused image of diamond

Olympus has released its Stream image analysis software platform for optimizing the simplicity and efficiency of microscopy imaging in industry.

Built-in as part of the system, the instant Extended Focal Imaging (EFI) and manual Multiple Image Alignment (MIA) functions are powerful features that expand the range of imaging possibilities available, while significantly simplifying and speeding up the process. The instant EFI function is ideal for the rapid investigation of thick samples with complex shapes, quickly creating a crystal clear image that is fully focused. The manual MIA function can be used to create panoramic images of large samples, meaning that users are no longer limited by their field of view.

Instant Extended Focus Image (EFI)
With the instant Extended Focus Image, it is possible to create an image where the entire sample surface is in focus, allowing users to rapidly examine the sample in question. This is particularly powerful for visualizing the surface of thick, irregularly shaped samples, generating clear images that provide as much information as possible. To create such images, the user moves manually through the Z-axis, while the system captures only in-focus areas at each focal position. These are then combined to provide the final image, ready for further investigation. The system does not require any advanced motorization or complex automatic control, making it quick and easy-to-use regardless of user expertise

Manual Multiple Image Alignment (MIA)
The Olympus Stream 1.6 manual MIA function can be used to create large panoramic images of an entire sample, providing a rapid solution that is simple to utilize. Individual images are captured and stitched together automatically and in real-time as the user moves around the sample. Unlike most panoramic image solutions, the user does not need to decide the order or number of images to be combined in advance.

Instead, images are captured manually and stitched together to form the resulting panorama, all without the need for a motorized stage. To further increase flexibility, the OLYMPUS Stream software can stitch together an unlimited number of images during a single round of acquisition. The manual MIA function is quick, adaptable and easy-to-use, making it simple to incorporate it into any workflow process.


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