Omega Optical: Filter Sets for Viewing Nanocrystals

Omega Optical: Filter Sets for Viewing Nanocrystal. Omega Optical has released five new filter sets for viewing QdotT semiconductor nanocrystals available from Quantum Dot. Two of the sets are for viewing Qdot 800 in both single colour and multiplexing applications. The remaining filter sets are for simultaneous multicolour viewing of all Qdots. These new filter sets are added to a comprehensive product offering of filter sets for viewing Qdot 525, 565, 585, 605, 655, and 705. The company has an exclusive relationship for the development of filter sets optimised for the imaging of all Qdots. The filter sets take advantage of the nanocrystal's extreme photostability and brightness. They are available for single and multi-colour colour applications.

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