Park Systems Introduces Single Click Software SmartScan

Available on Park XE Series Atomic Force Microscopes

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  • Park XE15
  • Park Systems SmartScan
  • Park Systems SmartScan
  • Park Systems SmartScan

Park Systems has announced that its AFM operating software SmartScan is now available on Park XE series AFMs.  The software completely automatizes all of the functions of setting up and taking the image once done manually by the operator producing high quality nanoscale imaging in auto mode in five times the normal speed hence drastically boosts productivity single click reliable nanoscale images.

Statement of Mariano Kimbara, Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst

 “One of the key differentiators for Park Systems is their proprietary SmartScan technology that allows any researcher to make high resolution accurate images without AFM expertise, and often five times faster for a comparable quality image than done by an expert. The company’s diverse and powerful range of AFM products highlights their zeal to innovate and embrace the challenge to continuously extend the capabilities of nanoscale microscopy in a landscape that is rapidly evolving.”

Park SmartScan is now available on Park XE series products which include a wide range of Atomic Force Microscopes for every industry need from Park XE15, large multi sample, shared lab AFM to Park XE7, affordable research grade AFM. 

Statement of Sibel Leblebici, Researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

“SmartScan offers great advantages to novice AFM users because it is so easy to produce a simple non-contact mode topography image. We rely heavily on the PinPoint scan mode for conductive AFM.

The ability to see a representative approach-retract curve performed in the PinPoint mode makes it much easier to select parameters to perform a high quality conductive AFM measurement. The user interface in SmartScan is much easier to use because it is more intuitive and as a result, training new AFM users is much easier.”


Statement of Jimmin Kim, Rutgers University

 “With SmartScan mode, the AFM automatically does the frequency sweep and intelligently decides on the best amplitude/frequency setting and the images are as impressive as if they were done by an expert AFM user, which makes my research even better.”  

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