Syncroscopy`s SyncroScan: Imaging of Human Hip Bones

Syncroscopy`s SyncroScan: Imaging of Human Hip Bones. Syncroscopy announced that SyncroScan, its automated microscope focus and stage control system, is being used at a leading European bone research centre in Cambridge, UK to provide accurate image maps of bones. The system, which attaches to an optical microscope, has a high-resolution camera, a motorised XY stage and a Z stepper all linked to a PC and a stage controller board. The system is being used by scientists in the Division of Bone Research to automatically capture and piece together many images of the femoral neck bone, part of the hip joint. The researchers chose the system because sections of bone that can be as large as 30 mm wide are impossible to view in their entirety under a conventional microscope without an accurate method of image stitching.

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