Tosca Analysis for Industrial AFM Users

Anton Paar Announces New Software Product

  • Tosca analysis software for Tosca 400 AFMTosca analysis software for Tosca 400 AFM
  • Tosca analysis software for Tosca 400 AFM
  • Lithographic patterns of aluminum nanoparticles on ITO coated glass (3D view of sample generated using Tosca analysis software)

The leading scientific equipment manufacturing company Anton Paar is announcing the launch of Tosca analysis software, based on Digital Surf’s Mountains surface analysis technology.

Specially designed for industrial users, the Tosca 400 comes with Tosca Control software for operating the AFM. Add to that new Tosca analysis software and users now have a complete solution for complex nano-surface analysis in a wide variety of application areas including characterization of semiconductor properties and investigation of polymer chains.

Main features include:

  • Real-time 3D multi-channel imaging with overlays
  • Characterization of surface texture using the latest 3D parameters defined in the ISO 25178 standard
  • State-of-the-art geometry & morphology analysis at the nanoscale including height of grains and motifs, volume of surface structures (bumps, holes), step heights etc.
  • Powerful automation features for demanding applications including critical dimensioning & statistics
  • Co-localization of surface data from other analyses for correlative analysis e.g. Raman chemical maps

Tosca analysis software comes with a user-friendly ribbon interface and contextual tabs with intuitive icon-based tools also it is available in 11 different languages. The interactive workflow allows full metrologicial traceability and easy fine-tuning at any time. Generating surface analysis reports in Excel, PDF and Word-compatible RTF formats has never been easier. Additionally, automation tools help speed up production (for example analysis routines can be saved as templates and re-applied to batches.)

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