AHF analysentechnik Offers Laser Clean-Up Filters from Semrock

  • Laser Clean-Up Filters from AHF analysentechnik AGLaser Clean-Up Filters from AHF analysentechnik AG

Clean-up filters in laser based spectral analytical set ups will be essential to achieve maximum signal-to-background ratio to block any background noise. For very specific applications in quantum optics extremely narrowband filters are requested.

AHF analysentechnik AG can offer extremely narrowband Semrock laser clean-up filters for infrared lasers e.g. MaxLine 780/3nm or 785/3nm filters will be available. For UV Laser-lines clean-up filters up to 1.2nm bandwidth are part of its standard program. The typical transmission will be more than 90%. All these filters are ion-beam sputtered, which means high temperature stability and durability. The laser damage threshold will be e.g. 0.1 J/cm2 for a 532nm laser / 10ns pulse width. These filters will be completed by a wide program of dichroics or blocking filters, which are specified for ultra low signals. Edge steepness of RazorEdge laser blocking filters will be up to 0.2% of laser wavelength (measured from OD 6 to 50% transmission).

Please contact the team of AHF analysentechnik for specifying your filter set-up. Due to their long time experience they will help finding the optimum filter. For many applications Demo filters can be provided.



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