AHFs´ PE-300ultra Allowes a Fast and Easy Controllable LED Illumination

  • Filter and the pE-300-ultraFilter and the pE-300-ultra

The illumination varies dramatically over time. So intensity from a conventional short-arc-lamp decreases through its life time. The lifetime of LEDs by far exceeds that of those lamps, and intensity remains broadly constant throughout its life providing stable and repeatable results.

The pE-300ultra combines the benefits of a simple LED white light source with the option of inline filter holders. No separate filter wheel will be necessary to change between different light channels. The user will furthermore be completely free to control the level of excitation intensity on each channel to balance the dye intensities.  AHF analysentechnik offers corresponding triple band filters in combination with their excitation filters (sbx multi band versions) allowing a precise match to different dye combinations, e.g. DAPI/FITC/TRITC or DAPI/FITC/Texas Red.

An exciting additional feature of the pE-300ultra is that it includes CoolLED’s Sequence Runner multiple channel excitation mode. Users can define the order of their fluorophore capture using their pE-300ultra Control Pod, then the pE-300ultra light source can accept a single TTL output from the experiment set-up’s camera to initiate the step-through of a sequence of excitation channels. This feature is independent of the individual channel TTL inputs on the light source. This offers users the facility to run through a sequence of excitation channels using a camera which has only a single TTL-out.

Fields of application will be fluorescence, optogenetics, electrophysiology and high speed microscopy applications.

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