C-FLEX Laser Combiner

  • C-FLEX Laser Combiner from Hübner PhotonicsC-FLEX Laser Combiner from Hübner Photonics

HÜBNER Photonics, the youngest division of HÜBNER GmbH & Co KG, are proud to introduce a new compact and flexible laser combiner, C-FLEX. The C-FLEX laser combiner is available with up to six wavelengths from a selection of 30 wavelengths over the visible spectrum. Designed around the integration of Cobolt lasers, though accommodating lasers from most vendors, the C-FLEX offers streamlined operation via a single computer interface. By being field upgradable, lasers can be added over time or as needed, making C-FLEX is the first choice of laser combiner for researchers in life science.

Visit HÜBNER Photonics, together with Cobolt AB  at LASER World of Photonics in Munich: booth B2.214 or contact us via email here.


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