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Expanding the capabilities of life science researchers, scientifically significant data from live cell in vivo processes can now be gained easily with cellFRAP – the flexible, precise and easy-to-use photomanipulation solution from Olympus. As a deck insert for the Olympus IX3 open source inverted microscope concept, the cellFRAP system delivers highly accurate and flexible live-cell photomanipulation with excellent optical performance and µs-precise control. Alongside the fully customizable IX3 platform, cellFRAP enables labs to easily add and combine intuitive photomanipulation capabilities with their imaging system.  

Capturing fast in vivo processes is possible thanks to the highest spatial and temporal resolution. Driven by the Olympus Real-time controller, the cellFRAP system achieves an unrivalled short switchover time of only 200 µs between bleach and post-bleach acquisition. This ensures detection of the initial, and most valuable, sample response after stimulation.

Interactive and precise positioning of the bleaching region across the full field of view (FOV) is possible according to individual requirements, where unlike conventional widefield-based FRAP systems, Olympus’ cellFRAP employs a diffraction-limited laser spot. This ensures that photomanipulation reaches every point in the FOV without needing to move the sample.

Seamless integration into cellSens imaging software enables easy set-up and control of experiments. A straightforward auto-calibration wizard makes it easy to adjust the scanner to the camera, while using the cellFRAP solution in the cellSens Graphical Experiment Manager provides intuitive system set-up and experiment control. This ensures excellent flexibility in experiment design and perfect synchronization for maximum speed performance. 

Discover more: www.olympus-lifescience.com/cellfrap/

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