Cobolt Introduces Modulated Dual-Line Light Engine for Optogenetics

  • Modulated Cobolt Dual CombinerModulated Cobolt Dual Combiner

Cobolt has announced the release of the Dual Combiner 473+594 nm which is  optimized for high-end Optogenetics research applications.

This version of the Cobolt Dual Combiner offers two emission wavelengths for light-activated proteins: 473nm (up to 50mW) and 594 nm (up to 100mW) from one small box. 

Modulation frequency (SR shutter) 100 Hz
◦ Rise Time <350 μs
◦ Long-term power stability 3%
◦ RMS noise <0.3%.

Each line can be individually addressed through a software application provided with the lasers, or through RS232/USB communication.

The modulated Cobolt Dual Combiner is suited for Optogenetics applications where high level of power stability and control of the delivered energies are required. The use of Cobolt's HTCure Technology for laser manufacturing provides a very high level of robustness and insensitivity to ambient conditions, which ensures excellent beam overlap and beam pointing stability.

The modulated Dual Combiner is also available with any other 2-line combination of the Cobolt 04-01 series lasers.


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