Combine High Performance and Ease of Use with the Fluoview FV3000

  • Combine high performance and ease of use with the Fluoview FV3000Combine high performance and ease of use with the Fluoview FV3000

Olympus’ Fluoview FV3000 represents the best of both worlds in high-resolution live cell imaging and user friendly, ergonomic design. In recognition of this combination, the jury of the 2017 iF design awards have recently awarded an iF product award to the FV3000 for exceptional product design. The FV3000 will be on display at booth 88-90 at Focus on Microscopy 2017 in Bordeaux, France (9-12 April), where delegates can experience the bright, vivid imaging quality and ergonomic ease of use first hand.

The fast and accurate FV3000 confocal microscope for detailed live cell and tissue imaging features exceptional resolution, sensitivity and speed. Meeting today’s application demands, the system’s optical design offers unique macro-to-micro imaging capabilities with objectives ranging from 1.25X to 150X magnification. Furthermore, with Olympus’ TruSpectral detection system, users can select the exact wavelength range in every detection channel at nanometre precision.

The design of the FV3000 features an intuitive software interface, which makes some of the most difficult challenges in modern science easy – enabling even novice users to generate high-quality data and images. Fluoview software can be tailored so that users can create and save workflows and customise the interface’s layout for easy access to commonly used applications.

Users can choose either the FV3000 with galvanometer scanner or the FV3000RS with a hybrid resonant / galvanometer scanner. The high-speed resonant scanner enables users to acquire high-resolution images at up to 438 frames per second so scientists can observe fast-changing processes.

The iF award for the FV3000 underlines the importance Olympus places on design excellence. Experience the Fluoview FV300 at booth 88-90 at Focus on Microscopy 2017.

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