Discover a New Level of Live-Cell Imaging

  • A new level of live-cell imagingA new level of live-cell imaging
  • A new level of live-cell imaging
  • The new IXplore SpinSR

Stable high-quality imaging at depth is vital for advanced life science applications. Olympus IXplore SpinSR confocal super-resolution microscope enables observation of dynamic changes and phenomena within live cells—thanks to a unique combination of speed, reduced phototoxicity, and stability. Read on to discover the power of confocal microscopy in combination with silicone immersion objectives for high-contrast 3D live-cell imaging.

In a study, Dr. Yamagata and colleagues at Kinki University employed live-cell 3D time-lapse imaging of embryos from a MethylRO mouse over several days. This mouse model ubiquitously expresses a fluorescent fusion protein that binds to methylated DNA. Using confocal microscopy, they visualized epigenetic changes during development by looking at changes in fluorescently labelled methylated DNA inside cells.

This was made possible by the use of silicone immersion oil and silicone objectives. Silicone immersion objectives are essential for deep, high-contrast 3D live-cell imaging as their refractive index closely matches that of living cells. This not only reduces spherical aberrations but also enables the collection of brighter signals from deeper within the sample. In addition, silicone oil does not dry out and is stable during long-term incubation, benefitting time lapse, deep tissue and 3D imaging, as well as super resolution. Read more about the study.

Supporting prolonged 3D live-cell imaging to capture dynamic changes over time, the new IXplore SpinSR system with the CSU-W1 SoRa Confocal Scanner enables super resolution down to 120 nm via optical re-assignment.

In combination with dedicated Olympus silicone objectives and a specialized software algorithm, you can gain new insights into the finest details of your sample structure. Discover a new level of live cell imaging: enhanced signal-to-noise ratio, faster imaging and significantly less photodamage.

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