The Dual Chip DP80 Camera – A Closer Look

  • A DP80 configurationA DP80 configuration

Life science research frequently requires both brightfield and fluorescence microscopy. Compromises can therefore often be made when selecting the correct camera, leading to a drop in image and data quality. Containing a color and monochrome chip in a single housing, the dual-CCD Olympus DP80 camera enables researchers to seamlessly switch between brightfield and fluorescence imaging and to merge images from both chips. The emergence of this concept affords a wealth of advantages and new possibilities in life science and clinical research.

High quality brightfield
High resolution (12.5MP) brightfield imaging with pixel-shifting technology and accurate color fidelity supporting the Adobe RGB color space, enhances detailed analysis, documentation and on-screen presentations to an audience.

Sensitive fluorescence detection
Clear monochrome images are recorded, even when the signal is weak. The CCD is also compatible with a range of wavelengths including near-IR dyes Cy5 and Cy7.

The best of both worlds
The ability to acquire both color and fluorescence images with a single camera presents an efficient option and removes the need for a double-port camera setup, eliminating the time required to align the camera sensors.

Integration with Olympus cellSens imaging software presents a variety of functions from acquisition, measurement and analysis, through to reporting. The software also enables the automatic selection of the correct CCD to match the imaging technique selected, and the overlay of color and monochrome images to form one integrated image.

The latest dual-chip technology of the Olympus DP80 camera allows automatic switching of color and monochrome chips, enabling the optimization of a single microscope with minimal user intervention. Directly overlaying images from each sensor with precise alignment presents new opportunities for efficient and accurate joint color and fluorescence imaging.


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