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  • The Olympus BX53 microscopeThe Olympus BX53 microscope

The Olympus BX53 microscope is designed with ergonomics in mind, enhancing comfort during long periods of use. Its ergonomic headpiece enables users to adjust the inclination angle, extend the tube and adjust its height, improving productivity through comfortable working. In addition, the BX53’s reliable True Color LED light source combines durability with high luminosity and color rendering index, enabling users to view samples in reliable, true-to-life colors.

Microscopy ergonomics is an important consideration for lab users who spend long periods of time working at the microscope. Getting in the perfect posture can make a big difference in people’s lives by avoiding pain in the back, neck, arms and wrists.

Among the ergonomic features of the BX53 is the adjustable headpiece; with this one component, users of any height can customize their setup and remain comfortable while working. This makes the BX53 particularly suitable for labs where multiple users share a microscope since each user can adjust it to accommodate their height and posture.

Helping to reduce fatigue during extended use, the stage handle extender enables users to do their work while keeping their arms resting on the desk without the need to reach upwards. Users can also mount a rubber cap to the handle so the stage can be controlled using minimal force.

Combining ergonomics with accurate color reproduction, the BX53’s True Color LED light source is designed to provide confidence in colors. Closely mimicking the spectrum of a halogen light source, the BX53 enables users to clearly identify commonly used dyes in pathology and life science and experience perfect color reproduction with a bright, durable light source.

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