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New X-Cite XYLIS – Brilliance Across the Spectrum

  • X-Cite XYLIS – True arc lamp replacementX-Cite XYLIS – True arc lamp replacement

X-Cite XYLIS is a true arc lamp replacement for routine and advanced fluorescence imaging. With coverage from DAPI to Cy7, X-Cite XYLIS has the broadest spectrum available in a white light LED and rivals arc lamps for brightness – making it ideal for both compound and stereomicroscopes.

Incorporating our patented, award-winning LaserLED Hybrid Drive technology to overcome the LED green gap, X-Cite XYLIS makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of LEDs without compromising on price, flexibility, or performance.

Light delivery via a light guide enables compatibility with a wide range of microscopes and imaging instruments.  Each system includes intuitive fingertip control with speedDIAL, hands-free operation with an optional foot pedal, and USB and TTL inputs for automated applications.

X-Cite XYLIS is the fluorescence illuminator for imaging labs that want to switch, have to switch or even thought they could not switch to LEDs.  

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