Finally… a True Arc Lamp Replacement. Make the Switch to LED

The New X-Cite Fire - Brighter.Broader. Better

  • X-Cite Fire. Brighter. Broader. Better.X-Cite Fire. Brighter. Broader. Better.
  • X-Cite Fire. Brighter. Broader. Better.
  • X-Cite Fire SILO from Excelitas Technologies

Excelitas Technologies proudly presents X-Cite Fire, the next generation X-Cite fluorescence illumination system. X-Cite Fire has the broadest spectrum available in a white light LED for fluorescence microscopy and rivals traditional arc lamps for brightness.

X-Cite Fire is a combination of Excelitas system-design expertise and innovations from LED industry leader, Philips Lighting. The result is a system with a brighter and broader spectral range than any other white light LED source on the market and output power that rivals arc lamps. It is a true arc lamp replacement designed for both routine and advanced imaging applications, and built to the high quality standards customers expect from X-Cite.

X-Cite Fire Product Highlights:

  • Specially selected LEDs are powerful enough to replace arc lamps on both compound and stereomicroscopes. Specimen exposure and scanning times can be reduced, improving image quality and increasing productivity.  
  • Extensive spectral coverage provides excitation from DAPI to Cy7.  Researchers now have options other than arc lamps or prohibitively expensive light sources for additional wavelengths. 
  • Replace an arc lamp, separate shutter and neutral density filters with a single device. All systems include high speed shuttering, 1% intensity adjustment, “UV Off” mode for sensitive specimens and multiple manual/automated control options.  Enjoy the benefits of using LED technology - long lifetimes, consistent output, lower maintenance, reduced energy use, and zero mercury waste.

X-Cite Fire makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of LED technology without compromising on price, flexibility, or performance.  No more hesitation, no more excuses, contact us today.   

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