Frankfurt Laser Company Distributes Askion Line-Up of cw Laser Diode

  • Frankfurt Laser Company now represents Askion line-up of cw Laser DiodeFrankfurt Laser Company now represents Askion line-up of cw Laser Diode

Frankfurt Laser Company has added Askion cw Laser Diode Module HQML3 to its portfolio of laser diodes, laser diode modules and DPSS lasers.

Application Fields
• Bio-fluorescence
• Microscope Spectroscopy
• Biotechnology
• Medical Diagnostic
• Flow-cytometry
• General Research & Development

The HQML3 cw Laser Diode Module is made from a flexible platform that encompasses the UV to NIR wavelength range using laser diodes and DPSS laser (for 532nm) technology. Wavelength, beam profile and output power are customer defined for user flexibility.

Available wavelengths are:
408, 445, 473, 488, 515, 532, 638, 650 and 685nm, with an option to add filters into the device for spectral clean-up.

Powers of up to 300mW are available, which can also be adjusted manually. An RS232 port provides access to command the unit and gives information on the unit status. The power unit (driven by 4.5 to 15V; max 2.5A) is integrated into the package providing the unit with a very small footprint 100x40x40mm.

The module can also be operated in different modes to provide power stability or constant current into the device and has polarisation better than 1:100 over the entire dynamic range.


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