Higher Resolution and Improved Brightness with TruResolution Lenses

  • Imaging with TruResolutionImaging with TruResolution
  • Imaging with TruResolution
  • TruResolution Objectives
  • Deep Imaging with TruResolution
  • Deep Imaging with TruResolution

The Olympus Fluoview FVMPE-RS multiphoton imaging system is purpose-built for deep imaging in biological tissue, aimed at revealing both detail and dynamics. TruResolution objectives are designed for use with the FVMPE-RS multiphoton laser scanning microscope, and are equipped with a computer-controlled correction collar system that can automatically adjust to compensate for spherical aberration during deep observation of thick samples.

The combination of high-speed resonant scanning and high sensitivity make Olympus’ FVMPE-RS ideal to gather more insights with outstanding light efficiency. Researchers can achieve deep-tissue imaging and observe for example the mouse brain from the surface to the hippocampus and beyond.

TruResolution objective lenses are designed for use with the Fluoview FVMPE-RS. The outstanding focal quality of Olympus’ TruResolution objectives maximizes resolution and contrast for 3D imaging at any depth within thick specimens.   

With the TruResolution lenses, dedicated software drives a motorized correction collar using Olympus’ unique algorithm, determining the optimal collar setting at each depth quickly and accurately. For applications such as deep Z-stack image acquisition the correction collar is automatically adjusted as you observe progressively deeper into the sample.

As a result, the image quality can be maximized for all depths to acquire bright and high-resolution images.

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