Hyperspectral Characterization of Unlabeled Nanomaterials in Complex Environments

  • 50nm Au particles and blood cells50nm Au particles and blood cells
  • 50nm Au particles and blood cells
  • Nano-Scale Hyperspectral Imaging with CytoViva

The CytoViva Hyperpectral Darkfield Microscope was developed to allow the easy visualization and hyperspectral characterization of a wide range of nanoscale materials, without the need of any fluorescent labelling or time consuming pretreatment of the samples.

The enhanced darkfield illumination optics of the microscope has a much higher contrast and a documented up to 10 times better signal-to-noise ratio, when compared to standard darkfield optics.

The microscope is equipped with a VNIR transmission diffraction grating spectrograph, having a spectral resolution of 2nm and a spectral range of 400nm to 1000nm. This spectrograph can detect the pure reflection spectra of all image pixels. The collected spectra can be stored in spectral libraries and used for quantitative spectral analysis of the unique nanostructures, or for localization of the nanostructures in other samples or tissue. 

If a simultaneous detection of fluorescent and non-fluorescent sample elements is required, we also offer a dual mode fluorescent module.

Long-term studies with living cells can be carried out with a compatible environmental chamber based on a closed bath design, with temperature control, perfusion and gassing. With this, one can observe, track and image the interactions between living cells and nanomaterials over hours or even days.

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