iChrome MLE: More than just Four Lasers in a Box

  • Toptica´s iChrome MLEToptica´s iChrome MLE

Toptica's iChrome MLE is more than just the sum of four lasers in one box: it fully integrates different lasers and enhances them with unique features! The system delivers highest output powers up to 100 mW - from a single-mode polarization-maintaining fiber. All laser parameters can be conveniently operated via one control interface.

Push-button Self Alignment: COOLAC-technology
The iChrome MLE features a fully automatic calibration in case the system gets misaligned, e.g. due to transportation or severe temperature changes. The proprietary COOLAC technology automatically optimizes the alignment of the lasers and maximizes the output power, with just one push of a button.

Modulation and Switching with Highest Flexibility
The Multi Laser Engine provides high-speed modulation (up to 20 MHz) for fast wavelength and power switching with independent control of all wavelengths. All diode lasers feature a complete-off state (i.e. zero photons, no background) at full modulation speed. The output power can be continuously set between the µW range and full output power.

Perfect Solution for Laser-based Microscopy
These unique features along with proprietary SKILL-technology to reduce speckle-artifacts make the iChrome MLE the ideal light source for a variety of microscopy techniques. It provides high power levels for spinning disc and light-sheet microscopy, whereas confocal microscopy and localization techniques benefit of the precise adjustment of power levels down to the µw-range.

Key Features
- Multi Laser Engine with up to 4 diode laser lines
- Single-mode, polarization maintaining fiber output
- High fiber coupled output power levels
- Direct modulation and fast switching between wavelengths


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