New Technologies for 3D Surface Metrology

  • Sensofar´s Confocal Fusion and Continuous ConfocalSensofar´s Confocal Fusion and Continuous Confocal
  • Sensofar´s Confocal Fusion and Continuous Confocal
  • Sensofar´s Confocal Fusion and Continuous Confocal

Sensofar Metrology has developed new innovative software features for their 3-in-1 S-line 3D surface metrology systems. Two new measurement technologies – Confocal Fusion and Continuous Confocal - represent significant new developments in 3D surface metrology, and underline Sensofar’s technological lead in this field.

Where neither Confocal nor Focus Variation can provide ideal results, Confocal Fusion overcomes the limitations of both techniques to provide high-quality measurements over spatially highly varying surfaces. Confocal Fusion draws the best out of Confocal and Focus Variation by using a unique smart algorithm that yields the most reliable data from a single scan.

The Continuous Confocal mode avoids the discrete (and time-consuming) plane-by-plane acquisition of classical confocal microscopy by scanning continuously along the Z axis instead reducing the acquisition time by a factor of three. Acquisition speed is comparable to Focus Variation, while results are comparable to confocal using discrete Z scanning. An ideal solution for quality control where speed is a key factor and essential for reducing acquisition times for large area scans and large Z scans.

Available both for table-top systems, S neox & S lynx and for the in-line sensor, S mart.

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