Nikon Launches Modular Upright Research Microscopes

  • Modular Upright Research Microscopes for Bioscience and Medical Research Modular Upright Research Microscopes for Bioscience and Medical Research

Nikon has launched the Eclipse Ni series. This upright research microscope series offers multi-mode system expandability to meet the imaging needs of bioscience and medical research on one platform.

The optical performance is ensured through CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda series objectives with Nano Crystal Coat technology and the flexibility of assisted observation by motorization. 

Improvement of Transmission and Chromatic Aberration Leads to
◦ bright
◦ high-contrast
◦ high signal-to-noise ratio
◦ multi-color fluorescence images

with no perceivable focus shift when used with any wavelength.

The range comprises the fully motorized Eclipse Ni-E model with focusing nosepiece or focusing stage options, and the manual Eclipse Ni-U with motorization upgrade capability.

The upright microscopes support research into the reactions and changes of stimulated cells with a newly developed photoactivation unit.  The Eclipse Ni-E is also configurable for multiphoton imaging, as well as offering the option of fixed-stage configurations to meet the demands of experiments such as in vivo imaging for cardio vascular and neuroscience research applications.

The Eclipse Ni microscopes use the latest version 4.0 release of NIS-Elements software enabling microscope, camera and confocal control, thereby removing the need for a laboratory to rely on separate software. Image acquisition and analysis is improved with over 100 new functions.



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