Olympus Expands Cell Culture Line-Up

  •  Olympus`CKX-CCSW cell confluency checker software Olympus`CKX-CCSW cell confluency checker software

Adding to its range of systems to accelerate, standardise and document the cell culture workflow, Olympus has now introduced its CKX-CCSW cell confluency checker software, delivering accurate cell counts for quick and easy decision making.

Please visit the Cell Culture page for more information.  

Accelerate the Workflow

The CKX-CCSW quantifies exact growth density without removing cells from the vessel, helping scientists quickly optimise cultivation conditions. The software is used with a camera-equipped cell culture microscope such as the Olympus CKX53, tailored to cell culture with optimised ergonomics and fast, intuitive operation. Once cells are ready to passage or assay, they can be accurately counted in-solution with the Olympus Cell Counter R1, - a faster and more accurate alternative to the traditional haemocytometer.

Bring Standardisation to Cell Culture

Success in cell culture applications such as stem cell research and regenerative medicine rely on routinely checking the health and growth of cultures. Previously, quantitative cell counts could only be achieved following time-consuming dissociation and in-solution analysis, and microscopic inspection would provide only a rough visual estimate. Lacking standardisation, this frequently led to inconsistencies or cells exceeding the recommended growth density, negatively impacting downstream experimentation. Providing a new level of accuracy, the CKX-CCSW confluency checker software utilises an exclusive Olympus cell counting algorithm, quickly creating quantifiable cell growth data to determine when cells require passaging, experimentation or storage.

Documentation Made Easy

Measurement records can be saved and exported as a CSV file for further analysis or archiving, or easily paired with associated cell culture images for comprehensive recording.

In addition, the intuitive interface enables highly accurate, reproducible data with minimal training, simplifying lab processes and analysis for every team member.  The new software complements the CKX53 cell culture microscope and Cell Counter Model R1, which together help standardise and accurately document cell culture workflows, with speed and efficiency.


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