Olympus FV3000 Series – Capture Every Detail with Confocal Imaging

  • Whole Mouse Kidney 1,25x Whole Mouse Kidney 1,25x

The Olympus Fluoview 3000 confocal laser scanning microscope is designed to reach the limits of precision and achieve unprecedented detail, both in live-cell and in fixed tissue imaging. With a maximum resolution of 120 nm and 16-channel spectral unmixing with 2 nm precision, the FV3000 can tackle some of the hardest challenges in life science today. Its award-winning design and easy-to-use software ensure that even the most complex experiments can be performed in an efficient and intuitive manner.                              

In life science microscopy, confocal imaging is almost synonymous with sharp, crisp, high-magnification images. The FV3000 delivers on this promise by providing high sensitivity and speed – as well as supporting complete workflows from detection to image processing (such as deconvolution) and analysis. Optimized for macro to micro imaging of cells, tissues and small organisms, the FV3000 supports a wide range of applications in cell biology, neuroscience, cancer research and stem cell research.

Enabling true multichannel spectral imaging, the FV3000 features a unique spectral detection concept: TruSpectral provides high-sensitivity detection in multiple dynamic ranges so that low-intensity signals can easily be separated from high-intensity signals. In the upright configuration, the FV3000 features a motorized 7-position nosepiece, which precisely maintains focus position and is well suited for imaging of fixed tissue and glass slide specimens.

To find out more about confocal microscopy for imaging of live cells, why not tune in to Nature’s webcast on “Challenges & Solutions of Confocal Microscopy in Live Cell Imaging”.

This webcast by Florian Eich will discuss image formation on spinning disk and point scanning confocal systems and compare them across various applications. Sign up here and save the date (November 30, 2017; 8am PST, 11am EST, 4pm GMT, 5pm CET).

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