Olympus Introduces Automatic Virtual Slide Scanning System VS120

  • Olympus VS120 Virtual Slide SystemOlympus VS120 Virtual Slide System

Olympus has introduced its automatic virtual slide scanning system VS120 for use in research, pathology and teaching.

The system can rapidly scan a slide in less than two minutes, creating a digital 'virtual slide' that is an exact copy of the original. This is easily created and navigated using an intuitive graphical interface. The unit provides semi-automatic and manual focusing modes for working with challenging samples, enhanced image clarity using the Sample Detection Mask for automatic slide scanning, and increased optimization of user workflow.

The Whole Picture
• High Throughput: scanning a 15 x 15mm area using a 20x objective lens with a pixel resolution of 0.345 µm in around 90 seconds
• Automated Workflows
• Increased Efficiency
• Virtual-Z scan mode: multiple z-planes scanning and virtual focusing
• Two versions are available: VS120-L5 for scanning of up to five - and VS120-L100 for scanning of up to 100 slides automatically


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