Olympus Introduces FVMPE-RS, a High-speed, High- precision Deep-imaging Multiphoton System

  • Olympus` high-speed, high- precision deep-imaging multiphoton system FVMPE-RSOlympus` high-speed, high- precision deep-imaging multiphoton system FVMPE-RS

Multiphoton microscopy presents a powerful tool within life science research achieving fundamental insights into the intricate and complex workings of biological systems.

Pushing technology boundaries, Olympus has developed a multiphoton excitation system, the FluoView FVMPE-RS. The system enables high-precision, ultra-fast scanning and stimulation, allowing researchers to see deep within specimens, take measurements at the highest speeds, and capture images, even when working under the most demanding conditions.

With its high speed and precision performance, the system is designed for electrophysiology and optogenetics studies. It is also a good match for applications such as high-speed calcium and in vivo imaging, peristalsis and blood flow studies, mosaic imaging, connectomics and functional brain imaging, stem cell research, and any field that requires precise colocalization, uncaging, simultaneous imaging/stimulation, extensive real-time signal processing, or multipoint mapping. Its design offers ready adaptability for researchers who design their own custom-built systems as well.

The precision timing on the system allows for microsecond repeatability and control of multiple imaging and stimulation protocols, as well as millisecond repeatability over days of time-lapse imaging. Complex multi-position imaging or optogenetic stimulation protocols can be accomplished using the advanced stage control and sequence manager.

The system captures 438 fps at 512x32, the fastest rate commercially available. It also captures full-frame, 512x512 images at 30 fps without any reduction of the field of view, a critical feature for many functional imaging studies.

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