Olympus´ IXplore SpinSR - See more with Live-Cell Super Resolution

  • IXplore SpinSR from OlympusIXplore SpinSR from Olympus
  • IXplore SpinSR from Olympus
  • Super resolution images at different Z-positions of Purkinje cells labeled with GFP.
  • Make data more accessible by easily converting images to numerical data.

Olympus’ latest addition to the IXplore series, the IXplore SpinSR, combines super resolution, confocal and widefield imaging in one easy-to-use system with fast switching between imaging modes. With the ability to resolve features down to 120 nm, IXplore SpinSR enables fast imaging of live cells with less phototoxicity and photobleaching. Olympus silicone immersion objectives improve brightness and reduce spherical aberration for accurate Z-axis information and better 3D reconstruction.

The combination of speed, resolution and efficiency make Olympus’ IXplore SpinSR ideal to cope with the challenges in live-cell imaging. Researchers can observe fine details and dynamics of cellular structures and processes with the ability to easily switch between super resolution, confocal, and widefield imaging.

With IXplore SpinSR, users can not only observe surface features, but also obtain 3D images of structures up to 100 µm below the surface. Olympus silicone immersion objectives are specially designed for this type of deep-tissue observation. The refractive index of silicone oil best matches that of living cells and cultured tissue slices, thereby reducing spherical aberration.

A flexible, precise and easy-to-use photomanipulation solution can be added to the system in order to capture fast in vivo processes with the highest spatial and temporal resolution.

Simplifying imaging and analysis, Olympus’ flexible cellSens software supports complex experiments conducted with the IXplore SpinSR system.

Users can easily extract numerical data from images, such as the number of objects, area measurements, luminosity, and morphology. Furthermore, an intelligent tracking function for time-lapse imaging enables users to measure and analyze cell migration and gain a deeper understanding of cell behavior.

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