PE-300 Series is Awarded the ACT Label for Sustainability

  • The CoolLED pE-300 SeriesThe CoolLED pE-300 Series

My Green Lab launched ACT, the first environmental impact factor label for laboratory products.

Statement from Allison Paradise, executive director of My Green Lab:
"The ACT (accountability, consistency, transparency) label makes it possible for scientists and procurement specialists to choose safe, sustainable products by focusing on the impact of making, using, and disposing of a product and its packaging." 

CoolLED is proud to have the ACT Label for its award-winning pE-300 Series which comprises 3 systems providing a solution that covers a range of everyday fluorescence microscopy; from the simple pE-300lite through the classic  pE-300white  to the highly controllable pE-300ultra.  The pE-300 Series offers high intensity at your microscope sample, precise control and spectral coverage for all your everyday fluorophores.

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