A Permanently Aligned Combination of Any 2 Wavelengths

Cobolt Dual Combiner

  • Cobolt Dual CombinerCobolt Dual Combiner

The Cobolt Dual Combiner by Cobolt AB is a unit which offers any combination of two 04-01 Cobolt model lasers at any power level in a permanently aligned package. The extreme robustness of Cobolt's laser and proprietary HTCure manufacturing technology allows Cobolt to offer the Dual Combiner with excellent beam overlap and beam pointing stability.
Built on a compact and stable platform with optimized thermo-mechanical properties, the Cobolt Dual Combiner provides a permanently aligned beam overlap. The very small dynamical tolerances of the beam overlap (<20 µrad/oC) combined with a robust and compact platform make any adjustment at installation or over time unnecessary. The Cobolt Dual Combiner is intended for use in a laboratory environment as a drop-in replacement to Ar+ & Kr+ gas lasers or for integration as OEM component module for use in demanding bioanalytical applications such as flow cytometry, laser scanning cytometry, DNA sequencing and confocal microscopy. The foot-print of the device is only 195x65 mm, and the two laser lines can be addressed individually through RS-232 communication. Examples of attractive line-combinations that can be offered with the Cobolt Dual Combiner are: 491+515 nm, 491+457 nm, 491+561 nm or 561+594 nm.


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