Powerful, Multi-Wavelength LED Illumination for All Your Fluorophores

X-Cite TURBO with LaserLED Hybrid Drive

  • X-Cite Turbo with LaserLED Hybrid DriveX-Cite Turbo with LaserLED Hybrid Drive
  • X-Cite Turbo with LaserLED Hybrid Drive
  • Tahr ovary epithelial cells (HJ1.ov) stained with Alexa Fluor 488 (NPCP-Ms), Alexa Fluor 568 (Giantin, Rb), and Alexa 350 phalloidin.

X-Cite TURBO is a powerful, multi- LED light source for fluorescence imaging applications.

Featuring Excelitas Technologies’ proprietary LaserLED Hybrid Drive, the TURBO provides maximum excitation power for all standard color wavelengths, including the ever-popular yet challenging yellow excitation band.

The X-Cite TURBO offers precise control by balancing illumination intensities between six popular wavelengths to protect samples from photo damage. Users are able to define the exact bandwidth of light desired to reach the fluorophore for maximum excitation efficiency via the option to filter light before it enters the light guide.

Exciting common fluorophores from DAPI to Cy5 or fluorescence proteins from CFP to mCherry, X-Cite TURBO enables customers to conduct complex live or fixed imaging through a single, high-powered, fast switching solution. 

Featuring the inherent benefits of LED technology such as long-lifetimes, mercury-free operation, virtually zero maintenance and instant on/off capabilities, the X-Cite TURBO also provides intensity control of each of the six, switchable LEDs controlled independently and easily through USB, TTL or analog signals.

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