Quality and Stability in Live-Cell Imaging

Advance Life Science Microscopy with Silicone Immersion Oil

  • Schematic illustration of microdevice imaging with a silicone immersion objective.Schematic illustration of microdevice imaging with a silicone immersion objective.
  • Schematic illustration of microdevice imaging with a silicone immersion objective.
  • Brightness comparison of 60X objectives

The use of silicone immersion oil and matching objectives brings a host of benefits to life science imaging. It can improve deep-tissue imaging, 3D live-cell imaging, long-term time lapse studies and super-resolution applications. These applications benefit from the low mismatch in refractive index, low spherical aberration and focal stability that silicone oil-based imaging has to offer.

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In live cell imaging, light capture and image quality can be improved by minimizing the mismatch between the refractive indices of cells and the immersion medium. Silicone oil is highly suitable for studying live cells as it has a refractive index that is more than 60% closer to living cells than any other commonly used immersion medium. This fine-tuned refractive index and the resulting high light capture also aid deep-tissue imaging, where every photon counts.

Long-term imaging applications such as time lapse studies require excellent focal stability, which can be achieved by having a reliable, stable immersion medium that does not change or evaporate over time. Silicone oil is a highly inert medium that does not evaporate or react, which helps to maintain focus and ensures smooth time lapse imaging.

Olympus’ silicone immersion objectives are specially designed to produce the best quality images when using silicone oil. To find out more about the benefits of silicone immersion imaging, take a look at our white paper or contact your local Olympus representative for a special offer on our silicone immersion objectives.


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