Reveal More in Super-Resolution Microscopy

With the new GE Healthcare DeltaVision OMX Flex microscope

  • OMX SR cell image Debora Olivier ToulouseOMX SR cell image Debora Olivier Toulouse
  • OMX SR cell image Debora Olivier Toulouse
  • OMX Flex with open lid
  • Cell image comparision widefield-IRIS-EDGE

Key Features:

  • Designed for convenience, efficiency, sensitivity and results.
  • EDGE enhanced confocal imaging improves resolution and contrast
  • Easily switch between multiple imaging modes with one click
  • Improved system sensitivity uses less light, reduces photobleaching

The new GE Healthcare DeltaVision OMX Flex microscope with EDGE confocal imaging: the next generation super-resolution microscope.

  • A full range of imaging modes, including structured illumination, localization and line scanning confocal microscopy capabilities, provides a new level of flexibility.
  • Each technology is designed to maximize light efficiency, allowing users to reduce photobleaching or extend imaging time for truly sensitive imaging.
  • Fully answer your scientific questions without having to move between instruments. Switching between imaging modes is quick and easy, even for the occasional user.

Get more information from one instrument in one imaging session, using the same cells for all your analyses. Combining improved sensitivity with imaging mode flexibility enhances productivity and delivers useful publication-quality results fast.

 See the new DeltaVision OMX Flex microscope at the GE Healthcare booth #14 at ELMI on June 4 – 7!


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